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Snow Plowing:

We've been pleased to read numerous e-mails praising the expediency and efficiency of our snowplow contractor. Thankfully, we've had very little use for him this year. We're glad that you're satisfied with this service.

Street Lights:

There are no immediate plans for the continuance of the street light replacements in our area at this tim
Mosquito Abatement:

The egg cases were delivered during the summer. Board member, Mary Fitzgerald, distributes to the usual recipients. If you are an SPCA member and would like to receive a kit in 2016, please see Mary.

Sauganash Mural Project:

The mural has now been completed and looks beautiful! There is a video, The Spirit of Sauganash, which details our community history and the concept, design and creation of the mural. This is a wonderful commemorative gift for anyone who lives in Sauganash, or would like to promote business in this area. Copies are $20 each. They are available exclusively through our local florist, Donna's Garden, 4155 W. Peterson Avenue.

Skil Property:

The Skil Property is currently under development by K. Hovnanian builders. There will be 35 single-family luxury homes built. Offices open at Devon and Central.

O'Hare Traffic and Noise:

5th District Congressman Mike Quigley, who spoke at our Spring General Meeting, says he is working on noise reduction efforts for our community. Please direct any comments/questions regarding his plans--or any other pertinent issue-- to his office at (773) 267-5926.

Board Members:

The current board officers, some of whom will be slated for our Fall General Meeting on October 14th. They are as follows:

President - Doug Fox
Vice President - Bill Morrissey
Treasurer - Brandon Burns
Secretary - Jim Saul (resigned) -- Currently accepting new secretary nominations!
Chairperson - Bill Riordan

Board Members:
Douglas Bakker
Kathleen Bedrio
Bruno Cassettari
Mary Fitzgerald
Mike Frasure
Peter Lorenz
Evelyn Merkl
Rich Nicholson
Diane Pezanoski
Mark Tolentino

CAPS Meetings:

We continue to seek a board liaison to attend our 17th District Chicago Police CAPS meetings. Our beat, 1711, has been combined with Beat 1712. Meetings take place every other month at the North Mayfair Church, 5020 N. Pulaski at 7:30 PM. This is the far west corner of the Salvation Army site, and there is plenty of free parking. 

New Police Commander:

Elias Voulgaris is our new District 17 Police Commander.

Block Captains:

We have recently instituted our Block Captain initiative, but many more volunteers are needed! Block captains will take charge of a given block (i.e. 6300 block of Kildare) whereby they will actually introduce themselves to each household and document household contact information. From there, they will serve as a point person for SPCA communications. For instance, they will e-mail/phone neighbors to move their cars for snowplowing, inform them of known suspicious persons/activity in the neighborhood, etc. They will also encourage membership and participation in the community, and be a general good will ambassador for the block they serve.

Web Designer:

We also continue to seek a savvy Web designer for our site. While we think the site is adequate and informational, we'd like to see a more eye-catching site and utilize it to its fullest potential.

Garage Sale Dates:

The SPCA Board has unanimously decided to discontinue the organization of a community garage sale. Of course, you are welcome to do so for your own household at any time. Please do not forget to obtain the proper permit through Alderman Laurino's office, 4404 W. Lawrence Avenue.

Fourth of July Picnic and Parade:

Rich Nicholson has graciously agreed to take charge of the hot dog duties for the FINAL time! For decades Rich has performed the budgeting, shopping, transporting, cooking, and foil wrapping of the hot dogs, buns and condiments for our community members' enjoyment. He has had assistance from his family and a few neighbors over the years, and is seeking a new volunteer starting next year. It's an arduous task, and we thank Rich for his hard work! If you'd like to volunteer for any aspect of this year's hot dog distribution, please let us know.